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Aww Luke ❤️


People say that kids go on the internet too much. I go on the internet to watch youtubers, and listen to music. I also go on because it’s the only thing that makes me happy. Youtubers? Got me through depression. Music? Literally the only thing that I like to hear. I can make friends on the…


I’m assuming you are reading this post because your dash is slow. Alas, fellow blogger, my dash is also a wee bit slow. If this is the case, please do whatever the hell you want to do in order get my attention so I may find your blog. That way we can partake in whatever me following you is,…


I know stalking Youtubers on the internet isn’t that bad but is considering following them around really creepy? Because omfg I really want to fucking meet them

I don’t blame you. :3 I literally freaked out when I met Luke and Patty because they’re so fucking nice